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Maria Lama

My passion for textiles began in the nineties in Kathmandu as one of my Newari girl friend suddenly gave me as a gift a couples of old Indian "Saris".

(Traditional Indian and Nepali handloom fabric which is used as women dress in a wrapped shape).

One day while I was looking at the Saris, I got an inspiration: I decided to cut off the pieces of the bottom which would be used as the shwal, which was beautifully hand-wowen and embroidered. So I brought this sari to a star nepalese designer to have the tailoring work done and ordered to make an extraordinary black Kurta Sarawal (Indian or Nepali women dress).

The middle part on the frontside of the Kurta was supposed to show up this magnificient shwal part of the sari joined with some black handwoven cotton fabric, but unfortunately the tailor did not advice me, that it want be suitable to make such a tied kurta while the shwal part of the sari I used for was a thin fabric. So as I was walking the middle part of the kurta broke off, and than I understood by myself, that the tailor had to put a lining behind in order to safeguard the kurta.... 

I was so sad and frustrated about that fact, that I did react heavenly and opened my own designer work - shop and a showroom in Boudha Nath, Nepal. I requested the best tailors of Nepal to join my team

So I started designing myself by learning through pure intuition, impulsiveness and artistic mind.

Many of my customer who purchased my designs teached me how to improve my techniques

That's how I created the perfect Kishung Caftan. Every Kishung Caftan is unique, one size and unisex.  

The length of the sleeves of the Kishung Caftan depends on the originality of the Kira. (Women dress of Bhutan).

I produced and sold worldwide till today hundred of antique wild silk and cotton Kishung Caftans. 

I have stopped collecting antique Kiras in the beginning of 2000  and nowadays those antique textiles from Bhutan are not longer available or only in rare cases and are most expensive.

My vision is to re-produce my own Kishung Caftan in the next years. They will be made of hemp yarn, but with the buddhist patterns and embroideries from the bhutanese culture plus a secret spiritual buddhist treatment.

Why hemp yarn? Because it is the only natural fabric in this planet which gives us protection against UV-Radiation from the Sun.

Let's go for the Kishung Caftan Wellness! 

1.) Anti UV-Radiation

2.) Unisex

3.) One-Size

Thanks goes to my international customers, especially to the people of Oklahoma, New York, California, New Mexico, Germany, France, Italy and Japan.






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