Kishung Caftan

The Kishung Caftan is made of one of those uniques Kiras so that´s why the Kishung Caftan is absolutely unique, one size and unisex. The Kiras are woven with buddhist spiritual symbols which are meant for good luck and good personal vibes. The Kira is the traditional women´s dress of Bhutan and is made of organic rawsilk of bhutan and is handwoven and vegetable dyed about a century ago.
Maria Lama is the inventor of the art-a-porter couture trend and designed this amazing Kishung Caftan out of the blue 
with nothing than a "blanket"  and a portion of courage to cut into such an incredible valueable bhutanese textile.
The last models were made twenty years ago in Nepal. 
Maria Lama

Ex Tax: 8,000€
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