Exhibition at the Ecomuseum in Collegno 2013


Ecomuseo di Collegno 2013 

Bhutan embroidery and spiritual textiles

Within the rich program at the Living Museum in Collegno three exhibitions have been set up one of them of Maria Lama.

If the friends of the school of Leumann were to become full accounted of how much joy they give us in those short three days of wire along the wire, would sleep at night not by the satisfaction and complacency.

Three days flying away like a good lunch long prepared, which required months and months of hard work.
When I arrived in Collegno, seven years ago, for the second edition of Feltrosa, I wondered with how much synergy, collaboration, and generosity, visiting him every year, the wonder and admiration remained unchanged, indeed, more and more confirmed.
A solidarity group, large and compact keeps alive the wonderful "fairy tale" written many years ago by a distinguished, enlightened entrepreneur, Napoleon Leumann, and it wants to preserve the important social function enhancing the overt or hidden talents in the art and craft .
I think Napoleon Leumann, if in some way he could follow the adventures of his country, would be pleased with such a small group of people, generous volunteers, have been able to with passion, enthusiasm and perseverance, to pay tribute to his person and to his work, so that the local community and that in those three days there passes, remember with gratitude.
It still seemed to present the 1500 workers in the factory now partially restored. He seemed to see them and hear them, proud of their work. Great pride is felt even in the story of who those years, even if indirectly, experienced them or who has worked at different times in the Cotton Mill award-winning, innovative, bearer of well-being.
Evocative atmosphere was sealed by a warm and affectionate making all the smiling faces and happy hearts.

The Leumann Village 
The Association of Friends of the School Leumann


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